VMware Spring Professional
Spring Certified Professional
Pivotal Spring Professional v5.0

All what you need to know to pass VMware Spring Professional certification 2020/2021


Pivotal Spring Professional v5.0 has a new official name

Beware of outdated mock-exams(dumps)

General information on certification

The purpose of certification

  • Configuration, Component-scanning, AOP
  • Data access and Transactions
  • REST, Spring Security
  • Auto-configuration, Actuator, Spring Boot Testing

Exam Topics

  • AOP (8%)
  • JDBC (4%)
  • Transactions (8%)
  • MVC (8%)
  • Security (6%)
  • REST (6%)
  • JPA Spring Data (4%)
  • Testing (4%)
  • Boot Into (8%)
  • Boot Autoconfig (8%)
  • Boot Actuator (8%)
  • Boot Testing (8%)

Bref d’examen officiel: Pivotal_ExamBrief_SpringProfessional.pdf
Study Guide officiel: Spring-Professional-Certification-Study-Guide.pdf

The headache with this exam

  • The time constraint.
  • The answers contain terms that are very similar and may be misleading. You have to read the question several times.
  • Shades of meaning between words in the suggested answers, for example:
  • @Secured or @Secure
  • @RolesAllowed or @AllowedRoles
  • @Import or @Imports
  • datasource.setDriverClassName or datasource.setDriverClass
  • datasource.setConnectionURL or datasource.setUrl
  • password-encoded or encoded-password
  • TransactionTemplate, TransactionManager, TransactionInterceptor, PlateformTransactionManager

Mocks exams list

My first tips for preparing the certification exam

  • Don’t buy mock certification exams from some sites, even if they promise 100% success, and that they will refund you if you fail. Beware of these sites and especially do not believe in the comments which are mostly false and robot-generated. Note that the questions sold (www.certification-questions.com) are identical to those of the Spring version 4 exams, which you can find for free on any site.
  • If you happen to buy practice exams, keep in mind that none of these questions will fall back into the real exam. However, it can still help you practice and familiarize yourself with the exam. Here are some pretty credible resources:
    1. (http://itestjava.com
    2. https://www.udemy.com/course/pivotal-certified-professional-core-spring-5
    3. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.springqcm
  • You should never prepare for a Certification exam in a rush. Give yourself the necessary time to prepare and assimilate all the concepts. Otherwise, they will be confused and you may fail your exam.

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